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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Indian Woman Discovered Her Evil Twin Sister Inside Her Brain

A lot of weird things can be found inside a human body. Just like the case of 26 year-old Yamini Karanam, who experienced something so bizarre, it was like a nightmare.

Yamini is a PhD student at Indiana University. She always had trouble in reading and struggled with listening comprehension, especially if multiple people were involved in a conversation.

Feeling that something was really off, Yamini decided to seek medical help.

Indian Woman Discovered Her Evil Twin Sister Inside Her Brain

The doctors initially didn't know the exact cause of Yamani's problem. They thought is was a brain tumor, so they performed a keyhole surgery in her brain. What the doctors discovered, after the surgery, was really shocking.

Within Yamani's brain was her "evil twin sister" which never developed - a tumor called teratoma.

This type of rare tumor have the appearance of an underdeveloped fetus. It usually has organ components like teeth, bones, hair; and in some cases, eyes, hands, feet, limbs, or torso were also present.

The young woman lightheartedly said that she'd been tortured by her "evil twin sister" in the past 26 years.

Dr. Hrayr Shahinian of the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles admitted that out of the 8,000 brain tumors he had encountered, Yamani's case was the second time he had come across such. 

The teratoma was removed from Yamani’s head, and her full recovery had been expected.

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