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Monday, April 24, 2017

World War 3 Will Start on May 13 2017, According To Mystics

World War 3 Will Start on May 13 2017, According To Mystics

The recent standoffs between US,North Korea,Syria, and Russia alarmed many citizens around the globe. Tensions like this is reminiscent to the ones that happened during the Cold War such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Shockingly, there were mystics who had visions of the date of the Third World War, the date is May 13 2017. The mystics caused quite a stir in the Internet lately, they are Baba Vanga,Horacio Villegas and even Nostradamus.

World War 3

How did they come up with the date? The predictions of these 3 mystics are parallel to each other. But the most interesting fact is the date coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima. Horacio Villegas even stated that the Third World War won't last very long but it is very devastating. The war would cost billions of lives.  The war would last for 5 months and it will end on October 13 2017, claims Horacio.

Nuclear War

The names of the mystics are pretty familiar to most people. Nostradamus is famous for his quatrains and even predicted the 9/11 terror attacks. Baba Vanga on the other hand have more futuristic predictions of the future of man, including our future travels beyond the stars. Horacio Villegas became well known because of his prediction of Donald Trumps' victory and claims to be a divine messenger. Is it really the date? We may never know what the future holds for us. 


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  1. News reports say that the beginning of first ever active direct involvement of US through air strikes in Syrian airbase on 6 April 2017 against Syrian forces , has obviously meant a policy change to one followed by former US President, Barack Obama. Focus seems to have shifted to Afghanistan also where US dropped most powerful non-nuclear bomb known as MOAB. North Korea is also in the limelight. The changed scenario , which came at a stage when Syrian forces are perceived or alleged to have used chemical weapons to suppress civilians, is being read by some to ask whether WW3 is coming . The question is found answered aptly and precisely in this Vedic astrology writer’s article - “ Astrological probable alerts for US in 2017” - submitted in September and published in December 2016 issue While predicting that February-March and around in 2017 could bring to surface for US a kind of war or economic war upsetting policy makers and rulers alike, this advice was also given : “ Also , take more care while handling chemicals or nuclear energy” implying that take more care while handling or facing forces using or having potential to use chemicals or nuclear energy. The brief details brought here suggest that what was predicted by this writer in September last for US for February-March and around in 2017 has happened or taken shape on the ground. Further , this writer has also answered the obvious question whether the changed scenario suggests coming of WW3 in 2017. While dealing with another spell of major worrisome concern for US , that is , August-September in 2017 , it was predicted : “ Some active engagement in war or cyber war looks to be arising”. So this writer has reasonable apprehension that August-September has the likely planetary potential to trigger WW3 or in the alternative a widespread weather related disasters from sea like huge unprecedented storms and earthquakes in vulnerable regions of world plus conspiracies in power struggle to destabilize Governments , unusual racial or ethnic or communal tensions. It may be important to opine here that WW3 could trigger or erupt after an element of error in assessing the gravity of situation or conspiracy involved in anything agreed upon or some likely error in the perception of conveyed level of understanding among the parties to the war. One probable date could be 29 August 2017. So caution must be exercised in great depth required. Having said that , it may happen that extreme love of human beings for self can dominate paving way for patience and restraint between warring parties to stop short of WW3. There is another connected scenario which may likely take into its fold most of global countries flowing from events happening during August-September. It is global economic crisis or collapse during August-December 2017. Let it be known that these predictions are indicative of likely trends claiming neither determinism nor certainty because human effort and appropriate strategy has weight to overawe such worrisome trends generated after planetary impacts. Incidentally , readers wanting to read the article can do so by first reaching out the website of the article followed by a ticking on “ Articles Archives” and “ Heavens”.