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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Alcoholic Mother Caught Eating Her Two-Year-Old Child Alive

We've heard various stories on the news and the web about parents and babysitters abusing kids. Some of them abuse children because of psychological disorder or drug addiction issues. Nevertheless, no reason can ever justify their terrible acts toward the children. 

This specific child abuse incident which took place in India, will unquestionably make you flinch in horror and disgust. A 40-year-old alcoholic mother named Pramila Mondal was caught dismembering her own two-year-old child. She was seen cutting, slicing, and eating her young daughter alive. 

Luckily for the child named Bharati, she was rescued by her uncle Dablu after he heard her crying and saw the child's mother consuming her flesh. He said, “It was around noon and I was resting at home when I heard loud cries of Bharati. I ran to check on her but there the scene I saw was beyond shocking. Bharati was bleeding profusely as Pramila was eating the flesh of her head. I immediately snatched away Bharati from Pramila and rushed her to Malda Medical College and Hospital where she is admitted to ICU.”

The incident spread quickly in the area. The townspeople gathered outside Pramila's home and they assaulted her. Pramila was tied up and beaten by her neighbors following the incident. She couldn't give any reason for her terrible actions. 

Pramila then confessed her crime to the crowd who stopped assaulting her only after they were dispersed by police. It was her sister-in-law Mamta Mandal who called the police to the scene. Police monitor Kishna Das clarified that they brought Pramila to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the abused child will be brought to a hospital with better facilities in Kalkota. 

The child's father Habu Mondal, a laborer, has been away for a year since he works in Delhi. They have other two children, daughter Parbati and son Swarna. 

Pramila will be charged and summoned to court soon. May justice be served for the poor little girl

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