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Monday, August 1, 2016

This Rare Corpse Flower Is Ready To Bloom And Give Off Something "Unforgettable"

Meet the corpse flower, a rare plant native to Sumatra. And just like what its name suggests, this flower is infamous for its putrid stench whenever it blooms. 

You might wonder why this flower smell so horrible? It's because the putrid stench is the flower's means to get pollinated. The stench attracts flies and beetles which will help spread the pollen to reproduce. 

Corpse flowers are known for being very fickle when they choose to bloom. Some even wait for 10 years before doing so. That's why witnessing a blooming corpse flower is a very rare sight.

The New York Botanical Garden had been tending to their corpse flower for the last ten years, and according to them, it might bloom any time now.

If you're interested to see a corpse flower bloom but can't make it all the way to NYC, fret no more because the New York Botanical Garden has set up a YouTube live stream of their corpse flower for everyone to enjoy!

Watch the live stream below:

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