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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Poor Boy From Bangladesh Aged Prematurely Due To Rare Genetic Disease

Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome, most commonly known as progeria, is an extremely rare genetic disorder where the victim manifests signs of aging at a very early age. 

The disorder has a very low incident rate and only occurs in 1 per 8 million live births. Although progeria is a genetic condition, it is rarely inherited since the carriers do not live long enough to reproduce.

This is the case of Bayezid Hossain from Southern Bangladesh. He suffers from progeria and his body ages eight times than normal. The boy is just 4 years old but his body already looks like from an old man. 

Bayezid was born in a public hospital in 2012. His parents were distressed because the doctors weren't able to help them.

According to Bayezid's mother, Tripti, the boy was born "just flesh and bones" and "looked like an alien". She was heartbroken to see her child in such condition, especially when the doctors said they had no idea what's going on and that there was nothing they could do. 

The family then went home without receiving any help from their local government. Worst, they became target of gossips. 

Bayezid's father, Lovelu, only earns Rs 5,000 (£50) per month as a laborer. He has already spent approximately Rs 4 Lakh (£4,000) in search for his son's treatment.

According to Lovelu, they've been to hospitals, shrines, fakirs, and shamans, but his son's situation remains the same and might be getting worse day by day. Bayezid also suffers from cutis laxa on which his skin hangs loosely in folds.

Despite his son's condition, he is very proud of him because he's extremely intelligent compared to other children his age. Sadly, the poor boy doesn't go to school due to discrimination from the people in their community.

Dr. Debashis Bishwas, a consultant from Magura Central Hospital, who checked Bayezid, said that the boy might only have 15 more years to live. The doctor also advised that the boy needs specialized care which can be found in a hospital.

Lovelu understands that his son's condition cannot be treated. But he also fears that because they are poor, Bayezid will not get the best possible chance of survival. 

Sadly, progeria patients normally die at an average age of 13 from heart attack or stroke.

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