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Friday, August 26, 2016

Jesus Christ Statue In Mexico Opened Its Eyes

There have been numerous reported instances of religious statues performing miracles around the globe. Some of them turned out to be hoaxes. Nonetheless, there is one phenomena that has left paranormal experts and believers puzzled.

A Jesus Christ statue in the Chapel of Saltillo situated in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico was caught on cam opening its eyes. A churchgoer attending the mass was able to record the mysterious scene which happened last June. 

In the footage, it was clear that the statue's eyes were closed at first.

But then, the statue's eyes suddenly opened for a few seconds.

Many people believe that the statue came to life. However, many were also skeptical regarding the footage and suspected that it might be tampered. As a matter of fact, authorities from the Diocese of Saltillo refused to watch the footage. But paranormal investigators have claimed that the footage is unedited. 

Ivan Escamilla, a paranormal investigator, guarantees that the footage is not a hoax after various people such as clerics, sculptors, editors, special effects designers, and 20 of his colleagues examined it for weeks. 

Is this phenomena real or just a hoax? Watch the footage below and see for yourself.

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