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Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Dorm In China Is Full Of Garbage And Chinese Students Live Here

Netizens were left aghast after a student dorm in China was exposed for being a dumpsite in disguise.

After seeing all these trashes aboard, who would think that this place is a dormitory for students? 

Take a look at the front door. You could imagine how the tenants here throw their trashes before and after they walk in the door without any regard to their surroundings.

This Dorm In China Is Full Of Garbage And Chinese Students Live Here

Next is the corridor. Maybe the Chinese students living here actually enjoy the dirty surrounding?

Even the stairs. Trashes can be found on every corner of the building. 

Perhaps, this building is actually a dumpsite-turned-dorm.

Or the Chinese students doesn't know what 'cleanliness' and 'hygiene' means.

They don't even mind the garbage at all. They must've enjoy living in a place where they can throw trashes anywhere without having to clean after them.

How can they even climb those stairs without getting nauseous?

You could only assume that these kids' parents have failed to teach them the importance of proper hygiene, cleanliness, orderliness, and self-awareness. 

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