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Friday, July 29, 2016

Never Before Seen Photos Of 1960s Afghanistan Before War

Today, when people hear the country Afghanistan, many will probably think of a war zone, a place under the control of terrorist groups, women in burqas, and an underdeveloped country. 

However, did you know that before terrorist groups seized control of the country, Afghanistan was extremely modern, well-developed and had a blooming economy? It was a place full of history, rich in hidden treasures, and with lots of stories to tell. Peace and good fortune were abundant until war and terror destroyed them.

In 1967, Dr. Bill Podlich, together with his family, travelled to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan to start his new job as a teacher at the College of Kabul. Dr. Podlich had many Afghani acquaintances and had documented the relationships he formed with them.

In Dr. Podlich's photographs, you will see Afghanistan as a modern and liberal country with visible Westernized lifestyle. Colorful portraits, happy environment, women wearing shorts and studying – total opposite of the country's image today. Everything changed a decade later after the country's new rulers lead it to destruction.

Dr. Podlich’s daughter, Peg, told the Denver Post:

When I look at my dad’s photos, I remember Afghanistan as a country with thousands of years of history and culture. It has been a gut-wrenching experience to watch and hear about the profound suffering which has occurred in Afghanistan during the battles of war for nearly 40 years. Fierce and proud yet fun loving people have been beaten down by terrible forces.

All images via Dr. Bill Podlich’s collection, which is now managed by his son-in-law Clayton Esterson.

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