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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

People In India Believe That Consuming Live Fish Can Cure Asthma

Although asthma can be a terrible condition, depending on the severity of it, there are already medical breakthroughs that can effectively help people to cope with it.

However, earlier this month, almost 100,000 people with breathing problems were gathered in India's annual tradition, known as Hyderabad's Exhibition Ground, to receive a rather primitive way of curing asthma – swallowing a live fish stuffed with herbal paste.

The herbal paste was said to be created by the Bathini Goud family, who have received the secret recipe directly from a Hindu saint back in 1845.

Watch the footage below:

Consuming raw, not to mention live, wriggling fish may cause parasite infection, as well as digestion problems. Furthermore, as far as medical science is concerned, the effectiveness of such kind of treatment is very questionable. Hopefully, these people can have real medical assistance soon.

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