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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This Russian Man Almost Successfully Created A Homunculus

"Let the semen of a man putrefy by itself in a sealed cucurbite with the highest putrefaction of the venter equinus [horse manure] for forty days, or until it begins at last to live, move, and be agitated, which can easily be seen…If now, after this, it be everyday nourished and fed cautiously and prudently with [an] arcanum of human blood…it becomes, thenceforth, a true and living infant, having all the members of a child that is born from a woman, but much smaller."
This Russian Man Almost Successfully Created A Homunculus

Paracelsus, a Swiss German philosopher, physician, botanist, astrologer, and general occultist from the sixteenth century, wrote the above recipe for creating "homunculus."

A homunculus is a miniature fully-formed human being which can be created through alchemical methods. This Paracelsian lore is what coined him as mad scientist.

This Russian Man Almost Successfully Created A Homunculus

Several old writings have documented successful creations of humunculi, which have been witnessed by some people in the past.

In 1775, Count Johann Ferdinand von Kufstein, together with Abbé Geloni, have allegedly created ten homunculi with the ability to foresee the future. These homunculi were kept in glass containers at von Kufstein's Masonic Lodge in Vienna.

Creating artificial life has always been a curious case to many of us, even up to this day. Some people out there, scientist or not, have attempted to create their own homunculus, using Paracelsian alchemy as their basis.

The videos below were posted by a Russian Youtuber named Korney on his channel Как Сделать. He tried to create a homunculus through an experiment based on Paracelsus' alchemical recipe. Instead of using horse manure, he used an egg (not bought from supermarket); and instead of cucurbite, he used a sealable plastic container to store the specimens.

Warning: Please do not try this at home.

First experiment. This was partially successful, but the resulting 'homunculus', a.k.a. alien-looking creature, died quickly.

Fifth experiment (second, third, and fourth experiments weren't successful). This time the resulting 'homunculus' showed sign of 'aggressiveness'.

More homunculus experiments were done by Korney, all were uploaded on his Youtube channel. Please be warned that creating artificial life may not always have favorable results, and could end up creating another "Frankenstein."

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