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Sunday, May 22, 2016

This Incredible Man Can Project His Energy To Create Fire

This Incredible Man Can Project His Energy To Create Fire

We are now existing in the 'age of disbelief' where CGI in movies, media programming, and lots of fake videos on the internet are so rampant that it's pretty common to naturally dismiss the things we see around us. It's as if we are programmed not to believe anything that's beyond our understanding and can't be explained by science.

As a result, lots of people become apathetic, neutral, or dismissive of the ideas which are deemed scientifically impossible. While those who openly express their interest in "new age" topics such as chakras, aliens, energy, and psychic abilities are subjected to mockery and hostility by our society who prefers to shut down such discussions.

Back in 1987, BBC TV had a documentary series about Indonesia entitled 'Ring of Fire: East of Krakatoa'. Psycho-anthropologist Lawrence Blair met a healer whom they called DJ. This man had spent 18 years in meditation and focusing of energy. Check out his extraordinary ability on the video below:

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