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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Amazing Footage Of A Humpback Whale In Alaska, Caught The Heart Of Many

Whales are one of the most majestic creatures living on Earth. They're massive yet elegant; they're enchanting, intelligent, and can even be quite acrobatic. Dubbed as the gentle giants of the ocean, the sight of them can be both mesmerizing and intimidating at the same time. Because of their enormous size, though as gentle as they are, getting near them can be rather dangerous. 

While most of the time, their presence rarely cause a problem since whales normally stay in the far deep seas where there's none or minimal human activities, some whales do find themselves near deep-water harbors where there's abundant food. 

Like for example, this humpback whale had been feeding at the Knudson Cove Marina for a couple of days already when a fisherman caught it on camera. Fortunately for the onlooker, this gentle giant didn't knock off the dock when it decided to surface from the water.

Watch the video below by Strike Zone Sportfishing to catch a glimpse of this amazing creature:

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