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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Strange Phenomenon Showed Figure Of Jesus In Mexican Sky

Strange Phenomenon Showed Figure Of Jesus In Mexican Sky

A strange occurrence took place in the village of San Sebastian Bernal, now known as Magico de Bernal (or "Magical Town"), in the Mexican state of Queretaro. Someone was able to capture the phenomenon and it's now a topic of debate between netizens.

The clip shows a huge dark shadowy figure hovering above the houses in the small town. The mysterious figure was only visible for a brief period of time before it vanished. The video has been viewed several thousand times and comment debate between social media users had started.

Many netizens believe that the figure resembles Jesus Christ with outstretched hands.

On the other hand, skeptics suggest that the image must have been edited; or it could be a bird flying by, whose shadow got deformed by sunlight, thus forming the shadowy figure.

Other comments written by the internet users are:

"It’s obviously an insect that flew close to the lens."

"First investigate if there was a party at the time because you can clearly see the lights projecting a hologram, this technology is very elementary for those who want to try it, and this is them projecting the image of Jesus accompanied by his angels."

"This is not a bird or a fairy, this is a phenomenon seen before in places with a high energy charge. This is an animal which up until now has not been seen due to the speed of its flight."

Some viewers have labeled the figure as a bad omen, an angel, or a being from outer space.

One notable comment by another user says: "Aliens exist and they’re in your town."

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