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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Shocking Footage Of A Surgeon Removing Brain-Eating Parasites From The Patient's Head

A young girl had been infected by brain-eating parasites that have consumed a big portion of her brain. To save her life, a complicated surgery must be performed in order to remove the tumor which contains the parasites from her head. Despite all the risks and danger of the operation, the girl remarkably survived the surgery, and everything was caught on video.

On the clip below, you'll see that the surgeon had sliced through the girl's head, exposing a white round mass embedded in her brain. A tube had been inserted down the side of the tumor to drench the liquid inside it.

The tumor swell up, and eventually drops out, leaving a gaping hole in the girl's brain.

The shocking footage was uploaded by YouTube user IPersonInfo, with the caption:

"Parasite eggs are carried by the blood to all organs of the body, where they grow and multiply. Step by step cleansing the entire body, starting with the cleansing of the stomach, the intestines, the line of the colon, liver and blood. The parasites enter the body with food, meat, poultry, fish and other life sea products."

A self-professed medical student had commented on the video:

"I’m a medical student so hopefully I can address a couple of your questions. It was a large cyst containing parasites. I’m not a neuroradiologist (the experts in brain imaging/scans), however I’d assume this is some variation of neurocysterciosis. There appears to be little to no midline shift which is surprising. It obviously took up a very large portion of the brain. This was a child, so she will likely replace some not all of that brain matter. It was primarily in the right frontal and right parietal lobe, maybe hit the somatosensory cortex a bit? I’d given a child’s amazing neuroplasticity abilities, she’ll remain functional, likely to have some basic cognitive impairments."

While another one said:

"I don’t believe life after that would have been possible or even worth it. Poor individual that suffered from the cyst and very incredible that modern medicine makes it possible to remove that."

Indeed, the field of medical science had advanced greatly and made such incredible surgery possible.

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