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Friday, April 8, 2016

Italian Woman Repeatedly Abducted And Impregnated By Aliens

A woman from Italy was claiming that she had been abducted by aliens since she was four years old. Giovanna Podda, now in her 40s, stated that the aliens not only kidnapped her, but also raped her repeatedly, and even impregnated her 18 times!

Italian Woman Repeatedly Abducted And Impregnated By Aliens

All the pregnancies ended in abortion due to complications on her health. The aborted creatures looked like hybrids of human and extraterrestrial reptilian species.

In order to prove that her claim was true, Giovanna released the pictures of her aborted alien fetus, together with the video and images she took of alien spaceships. She also showed the strange imprints left by aliens on her body such as phosphorescing marks, burn holes, and brain implants.

But Giovanna was accused of being a fraud, and she was forced to flee from her home and work. 

In your opinion, was Giovanna Podda telling the truth, or her imagination was just too active?

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