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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Nasty Truth About Your Favorite Steak And Meat Glue

The Nasty Truth About Your Favorite Steak And Meat Glue

If you enjoy dining with big and tasty, juicy steaks, then you should probably know what you're actually eating. 

Leftover meats are normally thrown out, but many restaurants use these leftovers to create, what we call, the "Frankensteaks". Using transglutaminase, commonly known as meat glue, leftover strips of beef are glued together to make them look like a large single piece of meat. These frankensteaks are sold just like the real deal.

Transglutaminase is also used to glue together other strips of meat like lamb, chicken, pork, or fish. It's a naturally occurring enzyme found in plants, animals, and bacteria; and has the ability to bond together protein-containing foods.

Watch the video below as Greg from Ballistic BBQ shows you the truth about underhanded methods used by restaurants and how to avoid them.

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