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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Saudi Arabia Admits Possession of NUCLEAR BOMBS And Nuclear Test May Start Within Weeks

Saudi Arabia Admits Possession of NUCLEAR BOMBS And Nuclear Test May Start Within Weeks

In a shocking turn of events, Saudi Arabia has now publicly declared that they possess NUCLEAR BOMBS that will protect the ground invasion of Syria by Turkey and Saudi Arabia which may put the Russians in a position of having to use nuclear weapons as well to defend themselves and Syria. The shocking admission was made in a television interview of Dahham Al-‘Anzi of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was discussing why many people in the Arab world feels the need for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be kept out from power, and that a ground invasion was not only necessary, but is actually going to happen.

Dahham Al-‘AnziWe have a nuclear bomb 
TV Reporter: Why do you think we have all these weapons? 
Dahham Al-‘Anzi: to protect Arabs and Muslims. We may test it within weeks.  
TV Reporter: This is breaking news, I haven’t heard this before 
Dahham Al-‘Anzi: This isn’t breaking news, the super powers have known about this for awhile.

It is known that Arabian Peninsula countries which includes Saudi Arabia and Bahrain who were able to ratified the Treaty in 1988, Qatar and Kuwait in 1989, UAE in 1995, and Oman in 1997. The fact that Saudi Arabia now admits they took possession of nuclear bombs despite having signed the Treaty means something very simple:
Saudi Arabia’s “word” cannot be trusted.  Even with something as serious and solemn as a Treaty, their “word” is no good.   Even when their “King” signs a treaty, the word of their King is now proved to be no good.  To put it in street terms, Saudis are “shifty.” 

Russia has a policy of using tactical nuclear weapons if they are faced with being over-run and when the ground invasion of Syria strikes within days. Russia will have to make one of two choices:
1.Strike with tactical nukes to defend themselves, 2. Be totally humiliated by being over-run by a bunch of Arab camel jockeys with filthy rags on their heads.
Will Russia strike Riyadh, Mecca and Medina or will Russia strike both Saudi Arabia and Turkey since both are attacking?


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