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Sunday, September 20, 2015

UFO Caught Absorbing Water Out of California Lake

UFO Caught Absorbing Water Out of California Lake

Another sighting that you would truly dub as incredible has been captured in Nevada County. The sighting had ufologists all worked up for it might explain why our planet is regularly visited by alien spacecraft if the video is proven to be true. The presence of liquid water may be the reason what draws aliens to our planet.  A pilot and amateur photographer from California snapped the unbelievable photo showing the UFO hovering over Scotts Flat Lake in Nevada County, CA. He claims that he witnessed the UFO and it appears to be sucking water out of the lake.

He tried to establish radio communication with the mysterious craft but he was met with deafening silence.
"As you can see from the picture I was on my final approach to the Nevada County Airport when I spotted this red object. Then I noticed this ‘water beam’ underneath it. It kinda looked like a long, clear straw. So I radioed it to let them know I was around and they did not return my request, which is highly unusual,” - the Pilot who wants ot remain anonymous

The proof captured by the pilot surely offers no clues regarding the UFO’s mission and intentions. But ufologists are determined to know the origin and purpose of this clip.
"Holy cow! Finally proof they’re using the Black Knight Satellite to coordinate their mass visit, I’m not going to say they’re here to steal our water, but they certainly aren’t asking permission to take it.” - Keith Bradenshauer, paranormal investigator


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