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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Conspiracy Theory Behind the Virginia Reporter Shooting

Recently, a video wherein a Virginia News reporter shook the world as the innocent cameraman and reporter got shot on live TV. A lot of people were showing their sympathies to the said unfortunate event but a claim from rises and explains that the incident was just a hoax and were shot in separate takes.

Watch the first incredible video that shows clearly there are two takes going on here.  One shows the reporter nodding right before she gets shot but the gunman’s video footage doesn’t show the nod!  The entire thing is FAKE! Alex Jones knows all about this evidence but he’s telling everybody it’s real so they can take your guns!  Watch the video below to show the guns is proven as 100% FAKE!  The father was an actor!  They got sloppy and must now be exposed!  Share this story with everybody on social networks and email lists.  Once everybody knows they lied about this shooting they’ll never believe our fake news again!  Never give up your guns no matter what! -
The site also expressed that the gun used in the shooting was proven to be a fake gun. The fake gun was normally used in Hollywood movies. It is due to the fact that the weapon’s recoil is not that accurate, the fire coming out of its barrel isn't consistent with real guns.

Do you believe in this conspiracy theory? The explanation may give your mind something to think about and ponder on. Take a look at the following videos and decide for yourself if the Virginia Shooting was real or fake.


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