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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pond Shockingly Explodes in Canada While Lakes Mysteriously Disappear in Georgia

Canada and United States might be showing us some weird stuff regarding their water. Let's go with Canda first, it was shockingly witnessed by the whole world how a pond on a golf course started to bubble, churn and explode muddy water high into the air in all of a sudden. There must be something eerie also in the water in two lakes in Georgia in the U.S. but we’ll never know because they both suddenly disappeared overnight. Is this a sign of more creepy things to come?

Witnesses from Canada shared that the pond’s surface suddenly churned, water and mud spouted like geysers and a strong smell like propane filled the air. The local gas company were able to confirm that there were no pipelines installed in the area. After the claim from the gas company, the blame was immediately placed on a previously unknown methane pocket. Due to the said incident, an emergency was declared by both the municipality and the golfers as the course was closed until further notice. Meanwhile in the United States, lakes are also reported to be disappearing in the state of Georgia. Residents of College Park, Georgia, near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, woke up on June 16 to find that Lake Feldwood had disappeared overnight and nothing was left but dead fish, mud and useless piers. This is something eerie, right?

This is identical to what happened on June 1 to Aspen Lake. It was just 25 miles from Lake Feldwood, Coweta County residents say Aspen Lake vanished overnight after a period of heavy downpours.


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