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Monday, September 14, 2015

New UFO Footage Dubbed As The CLEAREST UFO Video Ever Captured

Viral photos of an absolutely bizarre UFO sighting is now being tagged as one of the strangest UFO sighting ever on record. The accompanying photos of the said apparition are being taken seriously by a well-recognized global unidentified flying craft organization.

UFO photographs are often criticised for being blurred, fuzzy or taken from too far away to tell what it is. But a photographer snapped these clear images of this bizarrely-shaped craft in the skies over Costa Rica. According to Paranormal Crucible, a YouTube UFO channel, witnesses had discounted it being a drone. 
The video narrater said: “A mysterious flying object has been photographed over a soccer field near Santana, Costa Rica.
“The bizarre anomaly was photographed several times as it glided over treetops before finally disappearing out of view over a hilltop.

“Witnesses to the event firstly assumed that the object was a drove but after closer inspection of the photographs no propellors are visible. 
“It is also worth noting that the object made no sound as it surveyed the surrounding area – this could indicate that this object is indeed a UFO and was using an anti-gravity propulsionsystem." 
The case has been reported to the Mutual UFONetwork, which investigates such sightings, before reaching a conclusion. -

Viewers of the said video were able to described it as the “clearest” and ‘strangest” UFO picture they had seen.
 “Strangest thing, if its a balloon its a different looking one thats for sure.” - TheJennRogue
“This is (an) awesome catch. No doubt soon governments will accept and alien disclosure will happen.” - UFO Union
If you have seen the video, it is really hard to debunk its authenticity as it shows a clear view to what we believe as real characteristics of an Unknown Flying Object. To see is to believe.


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