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Thursday, September 24, 2015

ISIS Magazine Named Pope Francis As Next Target Ahead Of Visit

The notorious group ISIS leads the headlines once again as they have announced for the second time in 2 years through their own propaganda magazine the group's target. The person they are pertaining to is the most powerful and known individual in the Catholic religion - POPE FRANCIS.

The ISIS magazine has named Pope Francis as a target.  To make sure that the Pope is safe, the US maintains that there is currently no credible threat to the Pope.

Dabiq is an English-language magazine aimed at U.S., British and Australian Muslims in the vein of Inspire, a magazine for jihadists put out by al Qaeda.

In the latest issue of Dabiq, published last week, there is a photograph of the pope meeting with the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yaran, at Turkey’s Blue Mosque last November. Neither is identified in a caption that reads: “Apostate government ‘scholars’ with the crusader pope.”

Laith al-Khouri, an analyst with Flashpoint Intelligence, said he believes the image is meant to send a message that “real Muslim imams” don’t cozy up to Christian icons. ISIS views such imams as apostates who oppose violent jihad, al-Khouri said. - NBC NEWS

Pope Francis has already denounced ISIS in the past. Last year, he said the violence being committed by Islamic militants was a “profoundly grave sin against God.”

“I can assure you, Pope Francis will be very, very safe here in the United States of America,” - Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

To strengthen the Pope's visit, tens of thousands of police, military and counterterrorism personnel are involved in security preparations for the pope’s visit.

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