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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Face of President Obama Appears on Planet Mars

How would you react if you see your face on the grounds of other planets? Will you get shocked or delighted? Well, Planet Mars surprises us again as this time, the alleged face of President Barack Obama appears on it. It was seen on the ongoing adventures of chrononaut and teleportation-expert Barry Sotero. UFO lovers are claiming that they have spotted President Obama’s head on Mars.

Before it was claimed to be Pres. Obama's head, it wad only referred to before as the curious “ancient head” and it was originally discovered by Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily. Everything changed when YouTuber "Paranormal Crucible" was able to have enhanced the image. It was not planned to make any reference to any popular icons. They only discovered that the “ancient head” might actually belong to President Obama.

Scott Waring suggested that itcould be a 3D-printed statue and one of the remains of a lost alien civilization. Other speculations include that this might be the needed evidence to therefore conclude that Project Pegasus was indeed real - it was a 1960s-1980s time travel and teleportation experiment. Others claimed that President Obama truly has been to Mars and he is “the clone of an ancient Martian ruler.”


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