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Monday, September 14, 2015

Best Selling Author Claims Giant Comet Will Soon Destroy Earth

There's a limitless supply of creepy theories and speculations on how the world will end.  It is evident that we are seeing a lot of new theories about doomsday. What made it more attention-grabbing is that a lot of these theories came from notable sources. Just recently a best-selling author named Graham Hancock, who was famous end-of-Earth scenario writings now claims that a comet described to be “earth-destroying” is hurdling towards Earth.  He even claimed that it will cause an apocalypse in the next 20 years.

In an interview with Huffington Post U.K., Graham Hancock claimed that an archaeological evidence gives light to advanced civilizations to being wiped out centuries ago, and history will repeat itself as he also believes that the same thing will occur again. Graham also claimed that a giant comet will soon hit the earth in about 20 years which may destroy the whole planet with massive fire and floods. Another interesting to note about his interview is that ancient people had envisioned the tragedy and already have left warnings in the form of biblical stories and generational tales. He even said that the damage caused by the comet would be thousand times worse than the detonation of every nuclear weapon existed.
“All the signs are that remnants of this civilization struggled on, sustained by a few individuals who knew the secrets of the former age. To their primitive contemporaries, it appeared that they possessed magical, holy powers — they were what I call the Magicians of the Gods. These Magicians left a message for us — not a metaphorical, spiritual message, but a direct and urgent warning. What happened before can happen again; what destroyed their world can destroy ours.” - Graham Hancock

As expected, there are also scientists who are rejecting his claim of doom and destruction but he already expressed that he didn’t mind people’s views about him or that people believe he is cherry-picking his data.
“My job is to present a thoroughly argued alternative view of history,”  - Graham Hancock

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