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Sunday, August 23, 2015

World's Most Haunted Doll Goes Missing

World's Most Haunted Doll Goes Missing

Did you know the world's most haunted doll? The image above is one of the rare images of the said doll. It can be seen in Audubon House at Key West Florida. It is known by many as it has a sinister background. 200 years ago, numerous sick children were believed to have died there during a rampant deadly cholera epidemic. The sick children were brought to the nursery in the Audubon House, wherein they would spend their last days on Earth. This is where the tale of the most haunted doll started. The doll belonged to the daughter of the home’s owner named Captain Jack Geiger. The doll was included when the house turned into a museum.

After a strict security system got installed, the museum manager was constantly being contacted to investigate alarms that is believed to be tripped by strange movements in the house.  The eerie activity would always come from the children’s room.  Security personnel would constantly report seeing someone or something in the window that suddenly disappears when they come close to check it.

Another scary proof of the doll's creepy ways, features the haunted doll and the museum visitors. It is an open secret whenever visitors tries to snap some photos of the strange doll. The visitors reportedly experienced problems with their cameras - The pictures would suddenly turn out useless as black streaks appear on the captured snaps. One crazy incident tells the creepy incident of the back suddenly flying off a photographer’s camera which in turn, exposes the film and destroys the image.

An interested director from Discovery Channel was determined to debunk the tale of the sinister doll, so he went to the museum and took more pictures of the doll. His last photo of the doll was now considered to the last picture to be taken of the doll.  The image showed black streaks all over again. Instead of getting scared, the director wanted to know more about the origin of the doll and its creepy experiences. He then decided to shoot the bizarre story of the doll. But when the time to shoot for its episode, the House staff arrived and found the doll was already gone.

What is more creepy about its disappearance was that none of the alarms had been tripped.  Meaning to say, no thief or intruder had been able to get in the house. The Sinister doll had then mysteriously escaped, and has never been seen since. Who knows where is the doll right now?

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