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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Woman Grows Horn On Head; Dubbed As The Human Unicorn

What would you do if all of a sudden, a horn grows on your head? Would you go to the doctor or would you hide yourself from the rest of the crowd? Well, a woman in China may answer those questions as she has been diagnosed with a very rare medical condition that causes a horn to grow from her head. The said horn is big and might scare some people who will see it for the first time.

Meet Liang Xiuzhen, a woman located in Sichuan of South West China. She was confused on the reason why she experienced the growth of her horn for the last two years. The 87-year-old woman said that the a mass started as an itchy black mole eight years ago, she gave attention to it but just initially went on with a herbal treatment. It was only two years ago that the mole bursted open and a small horn that has the size of a little finger started to grow out of its skin.

It was described as a growth composed of keratin, in which the same protein that we find on our hair and nails. They usually happen to appear on the face, scalp, neck, forearms and the back of the hands where there’s the most amount of sun exposure. The horns was said to have the probability of having a big or small size and may also vary in colour. The old woman’s son named Wang Zhaojun granted questions from People’s Daily Online.

 ‘We went to the hospital and the doctors couldn’t diagnose the growth. My mother doesn’t like going to the hospital because she thinks that she won’t be able to come back home if she goes. At the moment it’s just painful. Sometimes it’s so painful it will wake me up from sleep.’ - Wang Zhaojun

Zhaojun accidentally knocked off the horn while washing Xiuzhen’s hair and the growth started to grow fast. In just six months, the horn had grown to be an enormous five inches in length and two inches in diameter. It also started bleeding in patches. Doctors have diagnosed the rare condition as a cutaneous horn – a growth composed of keratin. Her family wishes they had raised awareness about the rare condition. They are just waiting for Xiuzhen to be persuaded to venture inside a hospital.

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