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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Study Reveals that Holocaust Survivors Passes DNA Trauma To Their Children

Holocaust survivors is on the news again as a new study arises about their DNA. A recent study shows that holocaust survivors is most likely to pass on the trauma that they have experienced during the holocaust to their own children via their genes. Researchers from New York’s Mount Sinai hospital claims that they have finally found strong evidences that all life experiences can be imprinted onto DNA that can be passed down through generations after generations. The study was composed and carried out on 32 Jewish men and women. The results show that the trauma they have suffered in their lifetime will play a vital role on the DNA of their children. An increased likelihood of stress disorders were found during the study.

The director of the Traumatic Stress Studies Division, Rachel Yehuda led the research team says that there's enough evidence to show that trauma can be transmitted to children through “epigenetic inheritance”.  She also pointed out that the children of holocaust survivors are more prone to develop stress-related disorders.
“The gene changes in the children could only be attributed to Holocaust exposure in the parents,” - Rachel Yehuda

The study were able to examine a specific gene which monitors the administration of stress hormones. They discovered epigenetic tags in the same part of the gene for both Holocaust survivors and their children, which were not normally found in any of the control group they have covered before.

“It made sense to look at this gene, If there’s a transmitted effect of trauma, it would be in a stress-related gene that shapes the way we cope with our environment, This provides the first demonstration of transmission of pre-conception stress effects resulting in epigenetic changes in both the exposed parents and their offspring in humans,” - Rachel Yehuda

source: ibtimes / yournewswire

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