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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pregnant Woman Developed an Addiction to Eating Soap

Pregnant Woman Developed an Addiction to Eating Soap

Pregnancy is a tough yet wonderful phase any woman could have. That's why people around the pregnant moms should always understand and give what they want. But what if you found out that they actually crave for something that is inedible to begin with? Just like what a mother-to-be experienced. She remembers those days when she wants to lick and eat a bar of soap.

Meet Jess Gayford, a 26 year old mother-to-be from Bristol. She admitted that she likes to eat soap. Lee Trimby, Ms. Gayford’s partner also admitted that he was initially worried by the new and odd habit. According to Jess, she just woke up one day and realized that she had an impulse to lick a bar of soap in which she actually did. Now on its eight month of pregnancy, Ms. Gayford finds it as a regular habit to eat bars of soap and liquid sanitiser.

‘It came out of nowhere. I wanted to lick a bar of Dove soap, I went to buy a bar and started licking it. It sounds disgusting but it’s really nice.’ - Jess Gayford

Lee Trimby claimed that he was worrying at first, but then he was assured that it won’t harm their unborn child. Precipitating factors such as hormonal changes and nutrient deficiencies are known to be the cause of unusual pregnancy cravings. This behavior is called "pica", in which it drives people to eat non-food items. This condition is still considered to be rare.

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