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Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Alien Woman Spotted On Mars

An Alien Woman Spotted On Mars

Mars is one of the most popular planets, of course, behind Earth - which is the planet we live in. A very weird image that is said to be from Mars has surfaced and everyone's talking about it. The video appears to show a woman, a tent or housing structure, and an entrance to an underground area staring at the camera. How creepy could it get. right?
NASA pictures from Mars are a great treat for UFO fans. This time they spotted an alien “woman with breasts and long hair,” who is “attentively watching” the Mars Curiosity rover from a distance. The raw image recently taken by Curiosity has caught the attention of a number of UFO lovers’ websites, including and the UFO Sightings Daily, a website devoted to possible UFO detections. -

The video shows a woman that looks like it is partly cloaked. The alien woman also seems to have breast as indicated by the shadow on its chest. There is also two arms that appears lighter in color and long hair as well on its head. Could it be that another form of species are already existing on Mars? If that so, what would happen to the project where humans could book a trip to mars and stay there?


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