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Monday, January 8, 2018

Mummified Body Discovered In Russia Belongs To Extraterrestrial Race

In 1996, Russian police officers came across the body of a small creature in the town of Kyshtym, in the Chelyabinsk region. Due to its minute size and unearthly features, it was dubbed as the ‘Kyshtym alien’ by the media. When a local doctor performed an autopsy on the body, he found out it was neither human nor animal, and it might be a previously undiscovered life form.

Mummified Body Discovered In Russia Belongs To Extraterrestrial Race

Dr. Stanoslav Samoshkin, who was in charge of the anatomy department at the local hospital when the strange body was brought in for analysis, made the following conclusion after a thorough examination: 

"The creature was not by any means a human being. The human skull consists of six bones. The skull of that creature was made up of 4 bones. There were other differences in the skeleton structure. Those anomalies didn’t look like any congenital malformations known to date."

The mummified creature was almost 10 inches in length, had an enlarged and disfigured head, and its huge eye sockets occupied a lot of its face. It was presumed that the Kystym alien must have looked different from humans when it was alive. However, it greatly resembles another bizarre mummified body called Ata, who was found in the Atacama Desert in 2003.

The international media named the mummified creature — Uralian Alien. It became a sensation and people expected more stories to come. 

One story was about an old and illiterate woman named Tamara Prosvirina who found the small alien while it was alive. She discovered the tiny creature inside a tomb, she took it home, gave it the name 'Aleshenka', and nearly raised it like her own child. But the creature died when Prosvirina became very ill and couldn't take care of it anymore.

The exact origins of the Kyshtym alien were still unknown, nevertheless, it has been a very interesting discovery. Analyst and paranormal researcher Vadim Chernobrov had traveled from Moscow to study the body and determined through genetic analysis that it was definitely not human:

"No gene samples available at the laboratory match the gene. The experts in DNA research haven’t come across any creatures with such an elongated DNA molecule."

Unfortunately, because of the frenzy caused by the discovery, the mummified alien body suddenly disappeared, thus, making it impossible for other independent laboratories to perform further research on the Uralian Alien and confirm Chernobrov’s claims. Investigations were made but not completed; there were reports that the body must have been stolen from the hospital morgue where it was held.

Numerous attempts were made to recover the alien body, but all have been unsuccessful. Strangely, rumors about the mummified alien body being cursed started to spread. Series of fatal accidents and tragedies struck the researchers and people who were involved with the creature, including Prosvirina and Chernobrov. 

Verifying the truth on any of these accounts could be difficult due to lack of evidences. But the fact will still remain that twenty years ago, someone found a mummified body of an unearthly creature, which vanished without a trace.

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