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Friday, July 7, 2017

Egyptian Man Found Coins Possibly Used by Aliens

Egyptian Man Found Coins Possibly Used by Aliens

The Great Pyramids of Egypt is a landmark shrouded of dozens of mysteries. There are countless conspiracy theories regarding the alleged extra terrestrial influence behind it's creation. Recently, an Egyptian man found a strange looking Egyptian coin in his basement, the coin shows a face of an alien.

Egyptian Man Found Coins Possibly Used by Aliens

There is a video showing the coin in zoomed perspective. Many people recognized the Greek characters engraved on the coin. It is strange because hieroglyph characters are mostly associated to Egypt, but many people were not aware that Greeks managed to gain Egyptian territories in the ancient times. The inscription says “OPPORTUNUS Adest” which means in due time.

The website Mysterious Universe is the first website to cover the story of the unnamed Egyptian man who found the coin while renovating the basement of his house. There are many speculations that the coin may just be an elaborate hoax since it is not that hard to create an illusion of age in a newly minted fake coin. Experts are yet to confirm the authenticity of the coin.


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