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Monday, May 15, 2017

Lose Weight In Just 10 Days By Following This Diet Plan

Lose weight in just 10 days? It seems impossible, right? But after following this specific diet plan, you will see that it is actually possible. You can trim your excess body fats by balancing your energy intake.

Lose Weight In Just 10 Days By Following This Diet Plan

If you are a healthy and active adult, a low calorie diet can accelerate your weight loss. Here is a 900 calorie diet plan to help you lose weight within 10 days.

Key Ingredients Of This Diet Plan

Apple- A natural fat blocker and contains fibre. Any variant of apple you love will do.
Green Tea- Contains antioxidants that lessen the accumulation of fat and free radicals in the body.
Oatmeal- Helps reduce weight by making you feel full for a long period of time. Thus minimize unnecessary food intake.

Amount Of Calories Each Ingredients Have
  • 2 Apples - 230 calories
  • 6 Eggs- 450 calories
  • Green Tea- 0 calorie
  • A cup of Oatmeal- 160 calories
  • Carrot and Cucumber- 60 calories

A total of 900 calories.

Your Diet Plan For The Next 10 Days

  • 3 boiled Eggs
  • a cup of Green Tea 


  • 3 boiled Eggs
  • an Apple
  • a cup of Green Tea 
  • an Apple
  • a cup of Green Tea 


  • a bowl of Oatmeal (add fruits, nuts and flax seed for better result) 


  • a cup of Green Tea an hour before bed time 


  • You can eat Carrots, Cucumbers or Sprouts in between meals. 
  • Reduce salt and sugar intake. 
  • Do a mild exercise (a 15 minutes fast walk everyday in the morning will do). 

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