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Saturday, May 27, 2017

CIA May Have Orchestrated The Marawi Crisis

CIA May Have Orchestrated The Marawi Crisis

Last year Wikileaks founder Julian Assange stated the shocking revelation that CIA created and trained terrorists organizations that wreaked havoc around the globe since 1979. In the same year, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin also stated that 95% of all the terrorist attacks since the late 70s are set up by CIA. There are many evidences pointing out that the USA might be responsible for the recent crisis in Marawi City despite their condemnation to the said crisis. 
According to him, somebody is playing jihadist.
There is prior information last April of pilferages of firearms by Magdalo group for allegedly continuing 'special ops' during the Ramadan to sustain disturbances operation'. Now, some Maute members are reportedly also members of the Magdalo Partylist or the Samahan Magdalo. I am trying to withhold my conclusion pending more information to confirm this but my experience in intelligence analysis tells me that there is a connection especially when all information points toward Magdalo.
CIA May Have Orchestrated The Marawi Crisis

A recent post by an FB user named Abe Purugganan condemning the crisis contain a lot of shocking speculations regarding the Marawi crisis. He observed that even the most extreme jihadists would never dare to perform terror attacks before Ramadan. Abe also noted that some Maute members may be connected to Magdalo partylist and may be receiving funding from CIA like many other terrorist organizations.

CIA May Have Orchestrated The Marawi Crisis

Did the CIA really orchestrate the Marawi crisis? As of now, we only have only discovered alleged connections. Pres. Duterte's declaration of Martial Law somehow stabilized the crisis, let's stay tuned and be aware of the recent crisis that Mindanao is facing



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