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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Scientists Are Currently Planning To Clone Jesus Christ

Scientists Are Currently Planning To Clone Jesus Christ

Scientists from all around the world are currently studying Jesus Christ's DNA. Most of the traces of his DNA are allegedly found in the infamous Shroud of Turin. If human cloning would be possible in the near future, can these scientists successfully clone Jesus Christ?

DNA of Jesus

Other than the iconic Shroud of Turin, the recent discovery of the bones of John The Baptist can be the most viable source of DNA to clone Jesus Christ. Since John the Baptist is Jesus Christ's cousin, his DNA would be nearly identical to Jesus'.

 Jesus Christ
In 2010, Kasimir Popkonstantinov discovered what he believes are the bones of one of the most famous of all saints: John the Baptist. I was interested in what DNA analysis could tell us about these bones, and other ones. -Dr. George Busby
Clone Jesus Christ

World's best geneticists, especially those who were involved in the Human Genome Project are currently extracting the genetic code of Jesus Christ from him family. The quest for his DNA will be shown in History Channel's The Jesus Strand. The documentary features men of science and even biblical scholars and theologians. The documentary will air on April 16 2017.


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