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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Red Lights Seen Over the Pacific Ocean Thought To Come From Underwater Alien Base

While on route to Alaska, pilots of the Boeing 747-8 that is flying above the Pacific Ocean saw a very strange event that up to this day a proper explanation can't be provided

The Dutch pilot J.P.C van Hejst along with his companion were on route to Nome, Alaska from Hongkong on what was supposed to be a routine flight over the North Pacific Ocean.

As they were nearing the Kamchatka a Russian peninsula, they suddenly saw flashes of light pierced through the sky and persisted to the sea, puzzling the both of them. Their supposed flight path was now cut crossing with the place where the odd light that stretched to the water.

Red Lights Seen Over the Pacific Ocean Thought To Come From Underwater Alien Base

The first thing they did was to check on the weather report to verify if there were any thunderstorm visible along their route, but the path shows clear with no setback.

As they were nearing the area that crossed by the light, the pilots started to witness odd red lights up in a distance. At first, they thought it was some fishermen catching squids because this kind of practices are common in the North Pacific region. It was still odd because the pilots never encountered anything aside from the waters over the specific flight path.

Van Hejst said that Last night over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere in the south part of the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka, I saw the most eerie thing so far in my flying career.

Some new features were unfolding as the plane was moving closer to the red glow and the witnesses started to learn the bright spots were multicolored but a bright red was dominant color. The event was captivating and creepy at the same time as the pilots don't know what to make of the scene.

Van Hejst also mentioned that as they get closer , the glow become more intense lighting up the clouds and the sky in a creepy orange glow, in a part of the world where only water is found.

Red Lights Seen Over the Pacific Ocean Thought To Come From Underwater Alien Base

The pilots felt an overwhelming discomfort while hovering above the bizarre region due to no rational explanation was coming to them at that moment. Furthermore, they can't seek help nor a confirmation of the event because no other planes were flying by at that time.

Suddenly, an idea of a underwater volcano struck them and the case became more bizarre because they couldn't link the red glow lights of magma from an underwater volcano. The sighting seems that it is some kind of an object or a large group of bioluminescent marine creature doing a kind of ceremony underwater.

Van Hejst reported "The only cause of the red glow that we could think of was an explosion of a very big volcano just below us under the water that lasted about 30 minutes before we flew over the specific location."

No evidence of ash plume was reported not other hot elements were found near the mountains. Since their life was not put at risk, Van Hejst was able to use his camera to take a lot of pictures as he could.

Red Lights Seen Over the Pacific Ocean Thought To Come From Underwater Alien Base

The Boeing 747-8 plane was able to land safely in the airport of Nome and the 2 witnesses were worried to tell others about their unusual experience. A complete report was given to the Air Traffic Control that ensured them that they will look into this matter.

It's quite challenging to leas an investigation in a bare area of the sea that is why the official answer about the mysterious lights over the Pacific Ocean failed to arrive. For this matter, UFO fanatics proposed various theories.

Red Lights Seen Over the Pacific Ocean Thought To Come From Underwater Alien Base

The most marked idea was that of USOs or unidentified submersible crafts. Based to the proponents of this scenario is that the red lights of the pacific were lights coming from small submersible ships or a lighting from a very large mother ship. The pilots slipped over their odd ceremony by chance and so the Boeing paid no attention by the reported ocean residents.

Sadly, we're unable to completely explore the wide underwater world, most of it stays in the darkness and still is full of secrets. Due to this fact, a lot of room is left for deliberation with both rational and otherworldly explanations that is equally placed in the balance.

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