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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Quetzalcoatl – An Ancient God Of Mesoamericans Or An Extraterrestrial Being?

How did the first human race face the challenges of time? Did they do it all by themselves, or did “foreign” allies help them in starting the civilization?

Based on various origin stories, “white gods” had given the first people the means on how they can possibly make themselves civilized.

In the Mesoamerican region (the place from Mexico to Belize), Quetzalcoatl is considered as one of the greatest deity. He is believed to be one of those “white gods” who paid a visit on Earth. He was also known in different names by different groups of ancient people. The Mayans call him as “Kukulkan” while the Quiché from Guatemala regard him as “Gucunatz”. Meanwhile, Quetzalcoatl is known by the Huastec group from Mexico as “Ehecatl”.

Quetzalcoatl – An Ancient God Of Mesoamericans Or An Extraterrestrial Being?

Based on the legends of Mesoamerica, Quetzalcoatl is deemed as the great creator of men and the world. He controls the wind and rain. He is also seen as the one who founded art and culture and he also established order in the society.

If you were to ask people living in Central America, they would say that Quetzalcoatl was the god of various realms and areas; he was also looked upon as the god of merchants. Stories and various myths describe him as the “God of Dawn”, a name which might be giving us a hint of his supernatural beginnings.

Remember that multiple Mayan artifacts such as paintings and sculptures which were crafted in this period of time show what looked like as state-of-the-art spacecraft from the recent century. There were also some relics which show ancient gods that looked like men in spacesuits.

Folklores also tell that Quetzalcoatl set himself on fire and flew into the sky heading towards a certain celestial body presumably the planet Venus. Does this mean that Quetzalcoatl was just an extraterrestrial creature who attained his goal on our planet and then returned to the outer space looking for assistance?

Robert Marx, an American writer, coined the idea of having “white gods” after he realized that these beings were included in almost all of the origin stories of primitive groups of people in America.

Furthermore, a certain British writer in the name of Harold Wilkins supported the conclusion of Marx. He believed that a group of “white people” inhabited the Southern region of America. They were seen as the ones who helped these primitive people grow food and construct pyramids and colossal structures. These are purely impossible to be done by them during that time since the progenitors did not have advanced tools nor techniques to do such endeavors. He also gave the idea that Quetzalcoatl originated from the lost island of Atlantis, but no piece of evidence supports this claim.

Advocates of the theory about antediluvian spacemen assert that the “white gods” could be visitors from the outer space. A certain Peter Kolosimo thought that the myth regarding Quetzalcoatl could be proven as true. He even asserted that the ancient folklore depicts a group of white beings who sprung to life in space vessels and went to Atlantis. They left the legendary city after it was destroyed by water and then headed towards the Americas. This is where they experienced being treated as deities by the first people of that land.

Bernardino de Sahaguan, a Franciscan friar of the 16th century, also had a theory to share. He was able to illustrate the Mexican leader “Moctezuma II” and the Spanish man “Hernan Cortes”.

The Spanish conquistadors were able to land on Americas. At first, Moctezuma believed that the “white deities” have returned and they were led by their captain, Hernan Cortes, the person whom Moctezuma believed as Quetzalcoatl. Because of this, the Mexican emperor gave Cortes a special mask depicting a “Feathered Snake”, a symbol for their supreme god.

The mask was made from a piece of cedar wood and embellished with a mosaic made from turquoise. White clam shells form the mask’s teeth. A pair of green and blue snakes surround the eye area and extending down to the nose and mouth. Based on Sahagun’s account, this mask is worn together with a head gear covered with shining green-and-blue feathers from a bird who lives in a forest known for its greenish-blue color.

This mask is believed to signify the “white-god” Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl can be visualized as white-skinned, stubbly and towering, with a snake-like head covering its anthropomorphic characteristics. The oldest recorded scripture of this deity originated from the group of Olmec people together with a figure of a snake with a plumage. Two quetzal birds can be seen beside it.

The first images of this god discovered in Mexico were at Teotihuacan, the place where figures of bird-like snakes from the 3rd century CE were excavated. A six-level pyramid was also built in this same place which serves as a tribute to the snake-like god of wisdom. This deity was often included in decorations and adornments.

Quetzalcoatl was usually shown in human form wearing jewelries made from shells and a thin hat starting on 1200 C.E. Images of this “white god” often have “wind adornment”, more like a shell worn as a breastplate. He is also depicted wearing a crimson mask which looks like a beak of a certain bird with canine teeth on each side.

With the advancement of time, we come to a point of realization when we can say that a big chunk of history was not taught to us. From how we analyze things now, we can generalize that achievements made in the ancient times could not be done without the assistance of other people, making the assumption that there were first astronauts navigating parts of the world and leaving great contributions to ancient civilizations more concrete and believable.

Remember that several lengthened skulls were excavated in Paracas, a coast in Southern Peru, the place for the ancient empire of Inca. Studies conducted showed that the skulls had traces of European and Middle Eastern attributes, together with “mutations unknown to any human, primate, or animal known so far.” This revelation about the thousand old skulls somehow testify that our progenitors were able to journey to far places, and that they had mysterious characteristics we cannot identify now.

Can this serve as an evidence that an interaction between humans and extraterrestrial beings happened in the distant past? Are we creatures genetically modified and engineered by a rather advanced group of people? Did the ETs have direct connection with us and propagated with our ancestors? It seems that it will still take time before we reached our conclusion regarding the planet that we regard as ours.

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