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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Airline Pilot Caught Spreading Chemtrails While Landing

Airline Pilot Caught Spreading Chemtrails While Landing

This terrifying video is the most concrete evidence of the existence of airplanes that spread nerve agents in the atmosphere famously known as CHEMTRAILS. The video clearly shows the CHEMTRAIL plane while landing in an undisclosed airport or air force base. It appears that the pilot forgot to turn off the spraying apparatus of the plane while landing.

Airline Pilot Caught Spreading Chemtrails While Landing
“If the existence of Nuclear weapons has taught us anything it would simply be that just because we possess powerful technologies, it does not necessarily mean that we should use them. Unfortunately, we are currently on course to learn similarly grave lessons from other devastating technologies such Genetically Modified Foods, Chemtrails and HAARP.”
Gary Hopkins
Conspiracy theorists around the world blame CHEMTRAILS for some hidden atrocities that creep our society. These planes may spread chemicals that can alter the behavior of people in the area. There are some planes that also carry weather modification agents that may cause strange disturbances in the area sprayed on.

The video presents the most definite proof the existence of planes that carry out covert operations. But the eyes of skeptics have a different glare in the video. They claim that the plane just landed in a humid weather and these factors contributed to the appearance of something spraying from the wings of the plane, right in the ailerons located at the wings.

Airline Pilot Caught Spreading Chemtrails While Landing

But the eyes of our forever watchful conspiracy theorists scowled at the sight of such plane that carries peril to many people. The video may appear to be of low quality but bear with it. See it for yourself.


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