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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Spanish Versus The Mythical Aztec Giants

Worn-out manuscripts and different drawings shows how the Spanish conquistadores faced a enormous humanoid, brave in battle that disabled the Europeans badly during the takeover of an Aztec city.

A lot of ancient records remind of the fabled giants but they were also mentioned in folklores and tales from various parts of the world. Possibly the most famous record confirming these mystic creatures is the Bible where Goliath was mentioned together with Og and the Nephilims. These giants were not anguish by any disease because they thrived for a very long time and executed different achievements.

The Spanish Versus The Mythical Aztec Giants

We don't see many living giants now and this could be because they were eliminated by humans across the history. Thus, records that dates back a few hundreds of years cites a time when the Europeans met one of this enormous creatures.

The Codex Rios or the Codex Vatican A is a manuscript that collected translations from an earlier text that is written during the Spanish colonial time. It shows an interesting drawing of a group of Aztec warriors restraining an enormous humanoid with its innards on the outside. At the bottom of the drawing shows it's name 'Quinametzin' meaning 'One of the old ones.' This reveals that the Aztecs had an established belief of giants and could have even faced then during their existence. As a matter of fact, a book titled 'Broken Spears' that was written and translated by Miguel Leon-Portilla tells the story of such conflict.

At the time of the Spanish conquest between 1519 to 1521, the conquistadors had reached the gates of Tenochtitlan and were about to ravage it, but a surprising enemy faced them with large boulders thrown from behind the defense. A giant Aztec hero known as Tzilacatzin was aiding the Aztec forces to push back the conquistadors.


Though the city of Tenochtitlan fell in the end, the giant hero caused serious damages to the Spanish before his downfall. Since he can throw boulders over the walls, he surpasses the limit of normal human and can be considered a giant, possibly one of the old ones.

The Aztec mythology tells of the Quinametzin giants, they are a predominant race of the earlier time. Based to these beliefs, the Quinametzin created the ancient citadel of Teotihuacan and the great pyramid of Cholula. The myth reminded of the 10 Quinametzin who supposedly made contact with the Mesoamericans and assisted them in building some of their impressive structures. This would justify everything, don't you think?

There may be no more giants to existing to this day, at least not that we know of but they lingers in the memory of those who tells the stories that they heard from their ancestors. There are a lot of sites were giant bones were discovered all around the world but they are quickly abolished or lack an official explanation.

Aztec Giants

The last document of a living giant is that of the Romanian boxing legend Gogea the Myth, the giant who was more than 8 feet tall and was about to overcome America at the start of the 21st century. However, he died in an enigmatic circumstances just before his visit to US.

With a lot of proof about the giants, it's difficult not to believe in their existence. We can't deny that someone may also be trying to hide this long forgotten truth. For what reasons? We can never tell.

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