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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Real Explanation Why NASA Never Went Back To The Moon

The Clementine Mission according to Brandenburg was a photo reconnaissance mission that is mostly to check out if anyone was constructing a base on the Moon that we know.

Have you ever wondered why man did not went back to the Moon this past few years? Based on a lot of studies and UFOlogists, the US space agency is covering a nasty secret from the world and we are not aware with everything happened and is still happening on the surface of the Moon.

The Real Explanation Why NASA Never Went Back To The Moon

A lot of people believed that there is ample proof to offer that there are alien bases on the Moon. Hearsay, declassified records and informers have emerged saying that agencies around the world clearly can't afford to allow the people learn what is really on the Moon.

The concept that there are alien bases on the moon would justify the reason why man stopped coming to the moon. With our current technology, why have we not build a stable manned outpost on the Lunar grounds? It will be no trouble to make a fixed structure on the moon than have a hovering space station orbiting Earth.

Milton Cooper, a Naval Intelligence Officer tells that not only does the Alien moon base exists but the US naval Intelligence Community calls the alien base as Luna. They say that there is a big excavation operation happening there and that is where the aliens hides their mother ship while the journey to Earth are done in smaller "flying saucers."

Furthermore, a huge number of peculiar objects on the surface of the Moon, reports from earlier astronauts, high ranked government officials and scientists have created an extreme conspiracy theory to unravel, around the moon and its real beginning.

Alien Base on Moon

Nonetheless, the Moon is possibly the most enigmatic celestial body in our Solar system and it has captivated the humanity since the beginning of the history.

Now the question still remains, is there an alien base out there? We don't have a way to find out but is it a unlikely chance that there are some rocks from the Moon that has processed metals like Brass, Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237?

These mentioned elements have no way been found to exist naturally. Uranium 236 is a radioactive nuclear waste that was found in used nuclear and recycled Uranium. More intriguingly, Neptunium 237 is an radioactive metallic element that is an after-effect from nuclear reactors and the product of Plutonium.


A Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry named Dr. Harold Urey said that he was very puzzled by the rocks that was found by the astronauts on the Moon and its Titanium content. The specimen were incredible and amazing since the researchers could not account the existence of Titanium.

Based on Dr. Brandenburg, who was involved in NASA's Clementine Mission to the Moon, which was a combined project wherein the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization or BMDO participated with NASA to make a study on the Moon.

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