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Monday, March 13, 2017

Samsung Patented Smart Contact Lens That Has A Built-in Camera

A new "smart' contact lenses that has a built-in camera that is activated when you blink is just another step into the science fiction that Samsung just took.

Ignore the smart glasses because Samsung just acquired the patents for the contact lenses that has a built in camera. The contact lenses will include a display, camera, antenna and sensors that is projected directly to your eye. The antenna on the contact lens is connected to a smart phone that processes the images. Google has 2 of the same patents for the designs of smart contact lens.

Samsung Patented Smart Contact Lens That Has A Built-in Camera

A prototype of smart contact lens is being tested by Google that has a built protocols to measure glucose content is tears and will regularly check levels with a wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor.

The Process

The contact lenses will have a display, camera, antenna and a few sensor that recognize movement.

Its system will use an antenna that is link to a Smartphone that will process the images sent to the eyes.

The lenses can send images on the wearer's eye and document their environment.

The sensors will be used to control the images using movements like the blinking of the eyes
If Samsung can make this real, the "smart" contact lenses could make a very tough fight for products like with Google Glasses.

Te first one to spot the patent, SamMobile said that the lenses can give a more natural way of bringing augmented reality than the smart glasses.

Smart Contact Lens

Google has 2 patents for the smart contact lenses which is near the reality.

Google signed a contract with Novartis, a health giant to make its cutting edge smart contact lenses.

Though the screen of the lens would project the pictures straight to the eye, we still need to be linked with another device that will serve as the platform for the contents.

A Smartphone would be in charge for processing of all the information.

Amazingly, this is not new, it has been announced that Samsung has been busy on this project since 2014 with the project "Gear Blink", a brand the is recently registered in Korea and US.

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