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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rover Curiosity Startled A Martian Woman Spirit

Probably one of the most eerie Martian sighting to date is a floating woman on a top of a rocky cliff that looks to be watching the Curiosity Rover.

Some Anomaly hunters have came across this puzzling sighting that looks a lot like a woman or better said as a spirit of a maiden, floating on the edge of a crevice.

Some definite features can be observed in comparison with the photo. The floating woman has a long black hair over her shoulders and a black dress, her arms shows to be lighter in hue. Furthermore, a face can be distinguished with a decolletage.

Martian Woman Spirit Surprised While Stalking The Rover Curiosity

In general, the images meets most of the criteria of a woman from earth. Though it's difficult to believe if she is still alive or just a ghost. A few even suggested that it may be a statue but this theory is very questionable because of the conditions on Mars.

Scott Waring, a researcher and a UFO fanatic said that It's really difficult to tell if it is a living human or other being or a statue from some long time ago. He also added that a statue of that size will erode be destroyed instantly, so there is a very high chance that it is a living being. It's also happens that it's like watching the Curiosity rover from afar.

A lot of people have investigated and examined that what appears in the photo could be considered as pareidolia, this is a state when the brain tricks the eyes in believing they are seeing a familiar pattern, objects or shapes from a culture that is normal to us but the probability of the image showing a real event is not being taken away.

Woman on Mars

However, a lot of photos that was sent back from the red planet shows obvious anomalies that could place an alien label on them.

A large deal of things from outside of Earth surpass our beliefs and Earth-related expectations, that is why we shouldn't easily disprove the woman appearance as a common illusion but instead think of an event where such implications are true.

Whatsoever is the case, the woman on Mars remains one of the most eerie apparitions from plane Mars. May it be real, a ghastly figure or just a fabricated illusion made by the human mind.

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