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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Remnants Of An Ancient Hindu Temple Found After A River Dried Out

Artifacts from an ancient advance civilization were discovered by chance in India after a river dried out.

After drying out for the first time due to blistering heat, the Karnataka river in India showed carvings on the boulders that were discovered by the locals.

Remnants Of An Ancient Hindu Temple Found After A River Dried Out

Most of them were ingrained in the stones and once belonged to the ancient Hindu culture. Since the river never dried out in the history, the artificial creation were preserved in a very good condition, despite of the rapid current continually rushing over it.

This bizarre findings raises a lot of questions regarding the beginnings and capabilities of its brilliant masters. Based to some historians, the ancient people did not have the advance tools to help them with their artistic trials but these smooth and well-defined carvings indicate the opposite.

The relatively tough material is also to be remarked, as it stayed unharmed despite the forces of nature and passing of time. The ancients displayed great knowledge and creativity when making such a rough material into chunks of significance and worship.

These artifacts were identified as Shiva Lingams and depicted a place where people adore the goddess Shiva. The Linga is seen as an image of energy and potential of Shiva himself.

Shiva Lingams

Since a lot of Shiva Lingams were found in the same place, together with the other odd designs. The archeologists thinks that they have discovered the remains of a temple that is dedicated to Shiva and other Hindu gods.

The interesting designs shows how the ancients were skilled craftsmen that could form different types of rock-hard components. It's possible that they acquired aid from the very god they were worshipping?


How else were they able to make such solid shrines unchanged not even by the river's current that poured downhill for centuries?

A few theories differ, claiming that some of the relics actual Vimanas that has been utilized by the aliens to travel the Earth during ancient times.

We may never figure out how did this ancient civilization had come to their end nor how their craftsmen were able to carved whit such accuracy in hard stones without sufficient tools but the culture left by the drying of the river bears proof to an alternative reality experienced by those people.

Probably, this big puzzle concerning the ancient origins will be known after we have collected and assemble sufficient pieces together.


 Hindu Temple

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