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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Noah’s Ark: Blueprints Exposed That The Ark Was Round

A tablet made of clay that was found that is believed to be around 4,000 years old shows the materials used in the construction of the ark and it displays that Noah's ark was round. The Ark's blueprint or plan are is part of the most significant records ever uncovered.

Noah’s Ark Blueprint

Noah’s Ark blueprints are around 4,000 years old that lists the instructions which shows how the Ark seems to be and the materials that was used and its distinct 'round' shape.

It is believed that this is one of the most significant human documents that was ever found on Earth.

Some researchers says that the early text explains the components and the specific measurements for making the Ark.

The most valuable information about this 4,000 year old texts tells that the Ark of Noah was round.

Irving Finkel, a curator from the British Museum and the author of “The Ark Before Noah,” who elaborated that the finding of the tablet that holds the blueprints of Noah's ark was found by chance in 2014.

Noah’s Ark

A man named Douglas Simon came to the museum one day holding the tablet that was given by his father who got it and the other artifacts that came from Egypt and China.

Finkel said that the tablet brought by Simons turned out to be one in a million.

The tablet that holds the blueprint of Noah's Ark that dates back around 1750 BC and also tells the 'Babylonian' story of the Big flood.

When Finkel confirmed that the story of the Great Flood of the Babylonian and the story depicted in the book of Genesis had many resemblance and were already famous, the net table contained unexpected new details as mentioned by Finkel.

The plan of the Ark specified the materials used in the making of the Ark. It even described that the materials a 'God' informed Babylonian Noah to use in order to make the Ark.

Curiously, based on the early text that a number of palm-fiber rope, wooden ribs and bathfuls of hot bitumen to make the completed vessel waterproof. The total of the rope that was recommended would extend a line that would reach London to Edinburgh.

Noah’s Ark Shape
The size of the Ark itself is more amazing.

Based on the reports, the size of the Ark would have had a width of an overwhelming 3.6 square kilometers almost 2.2 square miles that has walls reaching 20 feet up. But one of the most fascinating fact that the ancient blueprint revealed is the shape of the Ark.

As mentioned by Finkel previously, to his knowledge, no one has ever imagine of the possibility, exactly why a lot of people recognize this as one of the most significant human findings ever uncovered.

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