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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mysterious Mansion in UK Houses Remains of Mythical Creatures in Its Basement

Over one thousand boxes that stored bodies of mythical beings and bizarre manuscripts were discovered accidentally in the basement of an inhabited house in the United Kingdom.

Proof of Fairies

Supernatural entities like fairies and dwarfs were seen as not more than products of human imagination not until proofs of their actuality began to show up not so long ago. In fact, evidences of their existence had been discovered long before but because of the absence of accessible information, it was almost impossible to tell the world about this.

Last 2006, a group of workers stumbled upon an old house while preparing a site for a new residential area. The mansion belongs to a man by the name of Thomas Theodore Merrylin. When they got into the basement area of the house, they discovered thousands of odd-looking wooden boxes tightly closed.

Frightened by this sudden discovery, the men started to open the boxes up expecting to see something valuable. Instead of unearthing treasure or bars of gold, the men saw an unbelievable sight! The boxes’ content are bodies of bizarre beings, the like one can only read or see in legends and folkloric tales. It was then tagged as the Merrylin Cryptid Collection.


Just like what was mentioned above, Thomas Theodore Merrylin was the mansion’s former homeowner. He was born in Hellingshire, North England. He worked as a crypto-naturalist, xeno-archaeologist and as a zoologist. Aside from his weird habit of gathering corpses of unidentified species of animals, he is also deemed for his superb lifespan. He lived for 160 years, from 1782 to 1942! This may have captured the interest of more people than his out-of-this-world collection of unique specimens.

When he was still alive, Merrylin engaged himself on an expedition to the United States to expose his rare collection to a larger scale of people. A first, he was successful in getting the crowd’s attention, but it was not too long before the people began to call Theodore as an impostor or fake for his specimens were not that easy to understand or comprehend with. Theodore also experienced marginalization from his fellow colleagues.

During this venture, he associated with some of the distinguished mathematicians and biologists whose attentions were caught by his craft. They also affirmed his ideas in fringe physics and chemistry. A diary of Merrylin was also found together with his collection. This contained cryptic views on quantum mechanics, ideas which were not yet accepted and proven at that time. Because of this, Theodore’s friend encouraged him to initiate a study on the probability of traveling in time.

Mythical Creatures

Just like other men who tried to change paradigms, Merrylin was taken aback not long after. He was accused of stealing the specimens of another collector. His dignity was shattered, this caused him to go back into ambiguity. From then on, no news was told about him especially in the academic community. In the year 1942 in London, a man who went with the name Marrylin had given a building to an orphanage with the goal of keeping the basement’s mystery a secret.

This man’s physical appearance resembled that of a 45-year-old guy, so people thought that he was just a part of Theodore’s family. This was also the last time he was seen by anyone. The rumor that that man was the same Theodore born in 1782 could not be supported since that would make the man’s age 160 years old. His looks is just one-fourth of that age.


Nevertheless, his paper included a mysterious thing called “Alabast”, which is said to have strange anti-aging aspects but it was not found together with his collection. Can we say that Theodore kept it until t
Though some of the samples are undoubtedly the product of human imagination, there are some other that stir even the most dubious minds. Drawings and pictures show that an extensive experimentation had been done on the elemental beings, but it also reveals a blueprint which could be used as a premise for creation.

The unusual collection will be the center of speculations. It cannot be treated as a falsification or just a mere product of ingenuity. Then, if proven real, it will change a lot of what was previously taught in modern times.

Could these supernatural beings existed in a not-so-distant past? If yes, why would such a dimension be hidden from us?

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