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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Man Steals For His Family, Ended Up Having A Job

It's not every day that you witness so much generosity given to a deed that is dully disgraced by the community. Yet after the store manager of Tesco learned the story of the theft, he gave him a job instead of filling a suit.

Starvation is such a sham in this world that is full of food. Shoppers buy groceries so much per year. But food still expires on the rack and end in the trash can.

Man Steals For His family, Ended Up Having A Job

We ignore anyone that doesn't have ample money to buy their own food, like holding off the sick to die when a hospital is close enough to save a life.

Man are better than the goods the world have accepted. Life shouldn't have to become a brutal world that is set on platform where we step on top of others to be higher than anyone else.

It's our real goodness that provides balance and nourishes our soul.

This is an account about our greatest kindness

It began during…

Majority of the families are just one paycheck off from living on the pavement. We have no plenty amount of real cash ready that will help us just in case something bad happens.

Think of this, a father of 3 and your wife is in coma after giving birth. With no way to take care of your children, what will you do when you encounter the choices of taking care of your children or going to work?

This happened to a 31-year old Malaysian. Caught in a situation when he need to choose what to do, this father of 3 left his job to take care of his wife and 3 kids.

This was the situation a 31-year-old man from Malaysia was faced with. 

Man Steals For His Family, Ended Up Having A Job

Starving and penniless, desperation comes in

Departing from the store of Tesco along with about $7 worth of fruits and drinks, a Tesco employee saw this unidentified man. When he was asked by Radzuan Ma’asan, the store manager for the reason why he stole the food, the man told his story right away.

They were able to confirm that the story was real when they visited one of his relative's house.

A deed of Honor redeemed an Honest Man

The store manager, Ma’asan declined to file a suit but instead he gave the man a job at the store.

Ma’asan stated "This man’s situation really touched our hearts,” who's now searching for the perfect work for his newest employee.

He gave the family some cash to be used on some of the basic expenses and to assist their oldest child to attend school. 

The world is not a dreadful place. A lot like Ma’asan are a good example of a person that choose what they want the world to show.

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