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Monday, March 13, 2017

Magnificent Hidden Valley: Largest Sanctuary Dog 900 Stray Dogs

This wonderful place is Territorio de Zagautes, the land of the strays. Run by volunteers, this is a no-kill animal shelter cloaked as a magnificent paradise for dog and dog lovers alike.

Bored panda said that this is a no-kill animal shelter that is run by volunteers and is privately funded in Costa Rica. So far, so conventional. Its message is what make it unique. The advertising campaign the carries the message of Territorio de Zagautes says "when you adopt a mutt, you adopt a unique breed" that they want people to a different point of view about mixed-breed dogs.

Largest Dog Sanctuary

The dog shelter have more than 900 stray dogs. They can run freely on the rolling mounds of green, ignoring the feeling of "less-than" due to being a mixed breed dog.

Most of the time, people that is looking to adopt pets are looking for a full blood dogs as house pets but in Territorio de Zagautes, they reject the idea of mixed breed dogs as inferior, working to find their puppies a safe and loving home.

Dog Sanctuary

To assist them get adopted, Territorio de Zagautes observe the one of a kind characteristics that is particular to mixed breed dogs only.

Barkpost stated that they even had artist draw "new" breed to portray their dogs, like the Alaskan Collie and Fluffyterrier.

Best friend adoption

During the time this free-range surrounding is very healthy for the puppies that calls the sanctuary home, it is also important for the potential puppy parents who wants to learn more about their dogs in their natural habitat. A lot of common shelters doesn't allow this kind of experience due to the fact that the dogs are afraid while they're in their cages and only get a minimal time outside. For this sanctuary, the dogs are so complacent that their real personalities are always showing, making it a lot easier for the "adopter" to learn and get to know the puppy right from the start.

Largest Sanctuary Dog 900 Stray Dogs

Peoplepets said that the billboards and advertisements of the shelter helped test the idea of the public that pure breeds are superior once you see the phrase "when you adopt a mutt, you get a unique breed."

Trueactivist also said that there are added bonus in this shelter like dogs get unique names a unique breed name. Experts told that putting a positive twist on the mixed status of the dogs assists them to look even cuter than those purebred friends and help in getting these lovable mutts a permanent home. Just think of the idea of visiting the shelter and determining who to adopt, should it be the " Chubby-Tailed Dobernauzer” or the “Alaskan Colly Fluffyterrier.”

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