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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Giant Humanoid Silhouette Appeared In Zambia's Sky

Eyewitnesses claims that an enigmatic figure appeared in the sky of Zambia that measured more than 100 meters. some reports claims that the mysterious figure lasted for a period of 30 minutes over the clouds.

Giant Humanoid Silhouette Appeared In Zambia's Sky

The residents of Kitwe in Zambia were brimming with surprise and fear as they observed a mysterious humanoid image that looks like a Dementor from the movie Harry Potter over the sky said in a report from Nigeria Today.

Innumerable pictures were captured by the witnesses showed the head and a humanoid torso of a enigmatic figure of more than 1 100 meters long above a commercial building. Some says that the images that swept the social networks. Given the thought that the solid black figure is made of a material other from the one that makes the clouds. The enigmatic 'apparition' was spotted over the Mukuba mall in Kitwe.

The poeple who saw the event is convinced that this “spectrum” stayed still in the sky for almost half an hour. Although a few thinks that it was a heavenly phenomenon and they started praying and others started to run in fear.

Giant Humanoid Silhouette

One witness said that they were shocked to a figure that is similar to a human in the clouds for almost 30 minutes. Some started to praise it but others fled. It was so unusual.

However, those who remained in doubt about the figure and the questionable apparition says that if this event happened and lasted for such a long time, there sound be plenty of photos to back it up and at least some videos but none was provided.

So what is it that the residents saw in the sky of Kitwe? Is this an edited picture? Did the residents of Zambia saw a collective pareidolia or a strange weather occurrence?

The truth is that a lot thinks that the figure was a religious apparition.

Though on the other hand, isn't it strange that no one thought of capturing the event in a video? Come to think of it, the event lasted for almost half an hour, plenty of time to take a video of it.

Given the ample set of tools that is accessible to public, this one is one of those many hoax photoshopped picture that was made for a one aim; to make it go viral and make a discussion on social networks.

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