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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Experts Affirmed That Many Other Alien Race Exists In The Universe

Experts affirmed that many other Alien race exists in the Universe.

Different famous figures of the 21st century thinks that a lot of alien species are existing in the Universe, but humans are unable to locate them due to lack of technological ways and understanding of the universal laws. But what are the chances for this to shift in the future?

 Experts Affirmed That Many Other Alien Race Exists In The Universe

This solid conclusion in alien life comes from an instinctual acceptance of the universe as a great sowing mechanism that had scattered to innumerable places the gift of life and evolution.

Elon Musk, a esteemed visionary entrepreneur is one of those who believes in the existence of alien civilization. He is also on the way of becoming a pioneer of new-age space expedition with the modernization that will inflame the human desire to probe space and make contact with our unseen intergalactic neighbors.

Musk's daring initiative has been told in an article that was advertized in The New York Times entitled Yes, There Have Been Aliens by Adam Frank an Astrophysicist.

On his perspective, he proposed that we are not the first generation of intelligent humanoids that evolved on the blue pale dot. The chances are too tiny for humanity to be the only evolved species from the beginning of the universe which is less than 1 in 10 billion trillion to be exact.

This overwhelming ratio paves the road 2 ways:
1. Either Aliens have a short span of life compared to the timeline of the universe coming up opposing the unexpected calamity

2. Aliens are still existing in huge numbers among us and were able to find a way to systematically blend within the society.

This could that out Sun was not hosting it's first generation of life forms that are able to send radio signals in space. While we still lack an official affirmation for alien races, scientists are still having difficulty on knowing the number is possible intelligent species around the cosmos.

For that, they utilized variables of the Drake Equation, this is a complex and innovating mathematical formula that serves as an a guidance for anyone who is interested in discovering a real evidence of life in the cosmos.

 Alien Race Exists In The Universe

While it could be hard to decode Drake's Equation all on our own, the scientific community has been working on a way to use the numbers. The equation looks like this:

· N = R * fp ne fl fi fe L

· fp – is the percentage of stars that has its planets

· ne – is the number of planets identical to Earth

· fl – is the number of Earth-like planets that is capable of supporting and maintaining life

· fi – is the percentage of celestial bodies with life that can further develop intelligent life forms

· fe – is the percentage of intelligent species that are able to detect alien technology originating from another foreign civilization (i.e. radio transmissions)

· L – is the average number of earth-years during which advanced civilizations emit signals.

By multiplying the 2 main values with the length of a time an advanced race takes to make a contact or communicate, discloses the total number of the races that may have walked the same evolutionary path similar to a human. This is indeed is the only accurate if we're are talking about a race or creature that is existing in the same material world as we do aside from the other life forms that may exists from another dimensions.

The complicated Drake Equation can only be solved after getting the exact values for each of its unit. Experts estimated that this we doable in the near future but they also warned that the numbers will be useless if trying to find species with an ability that is far of human form.

Astronomers found that over 3,000 nearby exoplanets with at least 20% of these are located in a habitable zone. NASA recently announce that 7 new Earth-like planets that are only a few light years away from us has raised the hopes of finding alien life in the next years to come.

Due to the fast technological changes that we're experiencing, the coming generation of infrared telescopes will be able to pierce through space and reach the very atmosphere of those exoplanets than can be found within our neighborhood. World powers are all giving funds for their search of life in the universe, paving the road to alien discovery at a speed that is a lot faster than the previous years.


Only time will tell when and if we'll find our cosmic companions but waiting for science to do the right job may a lot of time from one's existence, so better search for clues within our planet. After all, the mysteries on Earth are appearing everyday and there are a lot of leads to follow that may be a easily classified as otherworldly.

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