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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Enormous Fireball Beaming Across The Sky Of Tasmania

A very large fireball with a fiery tail has sparked the intrigue and excitement of those who saw the unusual phenomenon.

The bright display that showed up on February 28 around 6:30 AM, just before sunrise over the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart. People who saw the eerie sightings took their time to record the event as they were clueless what was happening.

Enormous Fireball Beaming Across The Sky Of Tasmania

To get some answers about its origin and nature, the recording was uploaded to the internet and people started to give their own assumption and conclusions starting from the signs of the return of Nibiru, alien spacecrafts to meteorites and space debris.

As the situation was starting to create tension, the Tasmanian authorities decided to cut the fun by disproving the video by saying that it was an airplane with its contrails that is being lighted by the Sun's rays.

John Dickley, the head of the School of Physical Sciences in the University of Tasmania thinks that the odd object might be a piece of space thrash entering the planet's atmosphere. He also mentioned that it was not a meteorite and that they tend to look more like a shooting star. I wouldn't call it a contrail of a plane either, he added.

Enormous Fireball Beaming Across The Sky Of Tasmania

Is this a jetliner crossing the morning sky? We think that it is unlikely for a couple of reasons:

1. The sky should hold other traces of other planes passing by but it appears like this one is solitary.

2. No other traces of scattered contrails on the sky. If you make a Google search for "Airplane lit by sunlight" or anything near that, you will only get results of pictures of luminous objects.

If plane would light up like the one in Tasmania, we believe that a lot of people would upload similar sightings on the internet, which is a good media where you could get a straight answer to a question. Aside from this, the luminous objects shows almost no similarity to a plane, except for the for the trail left that is alike to contrails.

Based on the account of an eyewitness, the odd fireball beaming across the sky had different curious attributes.

The witness, Ms. Peters said that it was moving too slow unlike the jets she saw before. She said that she took her binoculars and thought that it might be a meteorite. She was sure that this thing was something burning from the space but now, she is sure that it was just a plane with the sunrise lighting its contrails, she added.

With a lot of pressures from the media, we understand that Ms. Peters wouldn't want others to cal her names that is why she gave the most appropriate hypothesis at the end. Nonetheless, the Tasmanian fireball doesn't fit any of a planes features.

It's weird that the Tasmanian authorities tried to cover up the news by reporting the jet liner story , although a lot of people share the same beliefs. Are they trying to keep a more bizarre reality? If so, what do you think is the case?


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