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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cannabis As Aphrodisiac: Research Shows It's Possible

Intimacy can be hard for a few people. A research that was released by Hello MD in January 2016 that shows that Cannabis is a good for putting you in a mood to have a full body delight.

Cannabis has been utilized for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac. This is one of the major elements in Tantric sex.

Cannabis has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and is one of the main components in Tantric Sex.

 Cannabis As Aphrodisiac: Research Shows It's Possible

Patient for Medical Cannabis Analysis Results

Within 7 days, Hello MD examined over 1,400 Marijuana users. The research findings were very important to aid the theory of using cannabis can give a more enjoyable sex life.

When the users were asked that aside their main condition, what are the other reasons they use cannabis? 14% of the users answered that they utilize it for sexual enhancement.

Respondents announced that the helpful side effects of relaxation, elevation of mood, a good night sleep and as an alternative to alcohol as a libido or sexual enhancer.

Women are a little more likely than men to use cannabis as sex enhancer, it's 8% to 5% ratio.

Both Men and Women gain favor from sex and marijuana.

In 1971, Carl Sagan wrote an article about the benefits of cannabis and he said that sex and weed improves the enjoyment brought by sex. He added that it gives intense sensitivity but it delays orgasms, in the part by being distracted with the overflow of the images passing before his eyes. The actual period of orgasm seems to greatly extends but this may be normal experience of time expansion caused by smoking of cannabis.

To Get The Best Result

A few people uses cannabis to aid them with sexual issues or for enhancements. Low levels of THC which is about 14-16% are good in affecting the body's sensations eliminating the user to get too high to enjoy the experience.

It is recommended to test different strains and see which you would prefer the most.

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